Got what it takes to be successfull?

Although no test can predict with complete certainty how well-suited you are for owning your own
business, you can gain some insight into your probable success by comparing your characteristics
with the known personality characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

If this exercise is to provide you with meaningful information, don't kid yourself. Be brutally honest.
Answer the questions with how you really think you are, not how you wish you were, and not how
you think you should be. Then ask several people who know you well to verify your judgement.

On a scale of one to five with five being the highest, evaluate yourself on the following:


I'm a self-starter. No one needs to get me going.  I see what needs doing and do it.


I work harder than most people I know.  I am willing to work long hours even if it means sacrificing in my personal life.


I have a desire to win. I'm willing to do more than most to make certain that I do.


I have a high tolerance for uncertainty.  I can work effectively even when the outcome
is not clear and the work process is unstructured.


I have a nose for numbers.  I understand how they impact a business.

6. Most people consider me a leader, rather than a follower.
7. My experience tells me I have good judgement when it comes to finding the right answer, even when the problem seems insoluble.
8. For as long as I can remember, I've been goal-directed.
9. My friends would agree that I'm persistent.  Once I've set my mind to something I don't quit until it's done.
10. I'm profit-oriented.  I love to make money.
11. I see risk as an opportunity.  Since I've been a child, I've been willing to stick my neck out.
12. I'm comfortable with the concept of survival of the fittest.   I can think of many times when I've deliberately placed myself in situations where the outcome depended solely on me.
13. I can fire someone without procrastinating when I need to.
14. I've got good marketing instincts.   I often see opportunities that others don't.  And usually I'm right.
15. I can deal with conflict effectively.  If a decision needs to be made, I confront it even when I know it won't be pleasant.
16. I seldom get sick.  I hardly ever miss work because of illness.
17. I have something to prove to myself.
18. I have a high level of self-confidence.  Everyone agrees.
19. I'm an independent type.  Some people may even call me stubborn.
20. Opportunity is much more important to me than security.
21.  I'm a good salesperson.  I can usually convince people to see things my way
22. My spouse supports me and my business goals 100%.
23. When I experience defeat, it makes me even more determined to win.
24. I'm willing to risk a lot of money even if there's a possibility I might lose it all.
25. I have a lot of self discipline.
26. I can handle stress. Most people say that I perform well under stress.
27. I've always been willing to go without now, for reward later.
28. I'm "street smart".  I understand business and what it takes to make a buck.
29. I'm willing to work much harder than others, and to do whatever needs to be done in order to have my own business.
30. I work well with people. My former co-workers would consider me a good person to work with.

If your score was 100 or above, your profile is much like other successful entrepreneurs. You
will probably be happy owning your own business.

If your score was between 85 and 99, you have good odds of success, providing you work
hard to cover the areas where you're weak.

If you scored below 85, you would probably find running your own business an unfulfilling
experience. Even if you were successful, it just would not be "you."


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